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Hobie Pro Angler – The most effective Bass Fishing Kayak?

Bass fishing from the kayak might be hard for seasoned bass anglers who are accustomed to  fishing from a boat run by a fuel or electric powered motor. With the most element, it is possible to disregard most typical bass fishing techniques since it may be difficult to paddle and forged with the exact same time.

The Hobie Mirage Professional Angler removes this limitation.

The professional Angler features Hobie’s MirageDrive technique. MirageDrive does away with all the need to have to get a paddle and as a substitute can make usage of a removable pedal technique that may be inserted into your effectively from the kayak. To propel the kayak, merely press each pedal and also the MirageDrive flippers will effortless transfer the kayak via the water with far more speed and less h2o disturbance than is feasible which has a regular paddle. Steering of your kayak is created quick that has a finger-tip rudder handle system which allows for absolutely hands-free operation.

The professional Angler was designed especially with all the bass fisherman in mind. Compared with most kayaks that location the rudder for the rear with the kayak, the professional Angler’s rudder is found under the boat. This can do miracles to stop tangled and snapped traces every time a fish operates round the back on the boat.

Hobie incorporates many different functions in the Pro Angler to create it the very best bass fishing kayak. Situated directly before the seat is a storage hatch that features a chopping board and dealing location. You will find there’s horizontal storage space for compact and guarded storage for approximately six rods, and two vertical rod holders are built in to the kayak at the rear of the seat. A tremendous front hatch involves a detachable liner building it ideal for retaining stay fish, ice, or maybe for storing supplies and kit. Added storage region is designed readily available within the rear of kayak by an 8 inch twist hatch and cargo place able of carrying any crate or cooler. Replaceable and detachable mounting boards make attaching a GPS or fish finder speedy and straightforward.